Tmenu Workshop

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Not only are you given the latest innovations in the sexy tea ware world but also privy to some of the worlds finest selection of rare teas to savour and cup for yourself. Immerse the senses in some of the worlds most sublime and exotic flavours you have yet to experience.

What you get

  • 'OriginTea Brewer'
  • Temperature Controlled kettle
  • 8 different teas
  • Bamboo tea scoop
  • Scales
  • Tea Workshop notes hard copy
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to video live streams

BONUS: Opportunity to audition for the World Tea Championship that takes place at the worlds biggest food exhibition in Shanghai each year.

This course is highly recommended for those interested in well being, those in the hospitality industry and/or those interested in investing in a whole new hobby if not business interest. Allow us to impart our knowledge and expertise of over 20 years of acquiring this knowledge main veining this over to you. By purchasing this course and agreeing to receive this incredible start up pack you will also be accrediting yourself with a skill which will serve you so well in health, stimulation and longevity. You deserve it.

To further students' knowledge and understanding with relevance to all aspects of