Matcha Man - Green Tea Latte Powder

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Matcha green tea powder is packed with antioxidants, high in fibre and a full suite of widely respected nutrients to aid in metabolism and blood circulation. It's considered by ancient Eastern wisdom to be the all-in-one supportive superfood with almost an endless list of health benefits that has contributed to Japanese well-being for centuries. The Japanese tea ceremony is a highly ritualized procession of practised flair and tradition, matcha tea is the most commonly used tea during these ceremonies. 


Matcha Man is made from finely ground Sencha green tea sourced straight from Japan. It is high in quality, therefore offering a myriad of health benefits, one of which is aiding in weight loss. People from all over the world use matcha powder to boost their metabolism and a natural tonic used to detoxify the body. One cup of matcha powder is equivalent to ten cups of freshly brewed green tea in antioxidants, making it the ultimate natural remedy. Packed with nutrients and rich in fibre, the powder also has cancer-fighting properties, which makes it the perfect superfood, as a part of anyone's diet. What's more, Matcha Man isn't just a drink, it can be widely used in cooking, giving any meal an antioxidant bonus.


100% finely ground natural green tea, organic raw sugar and Murray Valley rock salt