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All Natural chai powder with absolutely no nasties for use in chai lattes, iced chai, or as flavour bling to almost anything


With all the chai powders out there why should we consider buying another one? Simple. Our Urban Chai is an all natural product and provides the full flavour of natural chai with absolutely no nasties. We imported a beast of a machine that would allow us to grind the spices to super fine dust all the freshest dried spices we could find stretching from Ceylon to China. Here you have it, the fastest made, all natural ready made chai on the market that you can use in your chai lattes, iced chai, or as flavour "bling" to almost anything. Just watch the Baristas go finally!"

Our Urban Chai is made with 2 types of black tea one oxidized black tea and another fully fermented tea that has a bibliography of health benefits as long as your arm. We have blended these teas with no less than 11 dried spices and an all natural certified organic sweetener. It's designed to make you go "Yum!"

We actually back in the "workshop" has been experimenting with using this powder on slow cooked meats, a lively cocktail and of course a homemade vanilla ice cream. Let you in on a little ice cream secret!