Could You’re Patrons Enjoy A Nice Cup Of Tea?

Article By David Parnham – Tmenu & Café Culture Research Director 

Headlines are often lessons that ring with some sort of truth: Perhaps you or better still your valued customers could probably use a nice cup of tea right now.

Fortunately for you this website focus is on Hospitality / HoReCa Tea education, support and sourcing only the very best Global Teas, healthy lifestyle tea blends and specialist quality Teaware to match each brew style.  

We at Tmenu do it because we love drinking tea, sharing tea, and telling stories about tea. However, also because we believe tea has an important role to play in the life of the modern coffee lover, especially as part of a well-rounded home beverage situation.

It can also be an additional way to support the companies you love in these strange pandemic times.

The average price for Latte

Fact Is Specialty Tea Service Can & Will Make Real POINT OF DIFFERENCE.

Basically most if not all cafes and coffee businesses do COFFEE beverages very well and this is because the customer demands this quality experience and there is enormous competition in this space. Same, Same Beverage menus with a focus on latte coffee beverages, which are 91% of the average coffee business orders. 

Thus, there is the opportunity for these same businesses to Tea Up and introduce the point of difference, being the humble Tea Pot Service – Yes, Traditional Tea at the table with a specialty tea tray and carefully matched tea pot, strainer and tea cups.

A small card descriptor of the specialty tea of choice and the brewing guidelines is also popular. The equipment investment for espresso coffee is enormous for starting up a coffee businesses and takes months and years to recover depending on their cups sold and kilos used.

With specialty tea pot service creating at-table theatre; “3-5 gm Tea, Served On A Wooden tray, With Quality Tea Pot and Tea ware, etc”, is a fraction of the cost to produce vs. the above coffee average of $4.00 and may we say at much, much less investment.

Tea pot service is under $5

Yes, it’s true a Pour Over Coffee experience is at a similar lower cost investment and higher per serve price at the table, similar to the specialty tea service presentation above –

However, like tea sales in most cafes the black coffee orders are small and often under 5% of total sales. Profitable for some, just not enough patrons ordering hot/cold pour overs during the Covid19 pandemic trading and lockdown takeaway menu options.

Note please MOST specialty cafes do this Single Origin pour over or batch brew black coffee barista service. That’s my Tmenu point, I’m asking the question – “What’s the POINT OF DIFFERENCE? None! Some would argue the Coffee Roast and fourth wave coffee sourcing, alas, we could also add that same approach to our Tmenu range of awesome hospitality focused Tea For Profit range.

Please, in your local 5 km area go and map out the beverage menus and take interest in their specialty tea offers. Most will have 5-8 teas all retail purchase as “Tea Bags” in cup or pot under $4.00 – $5.00. Let me save you the effort and suggest that very few if not nobody will be specialist traditional tea service businesses.

Tea Training

We all enjoy the tea trimmings, as outlined above, therefore this is your opportunity to extend, change your beverage menu, to learn, educate your staff about correct brewing Loose Leaf Tea Service in pots at the table for PROFIT.

To that end, we’ve put together on the Tmenu website a quick recommendation Brewing Guide to get you all brewing, steeping and re-steeping from the Beverage Bench of your hospitality venue.

This website is but one wee list of tea recommendations; for a more sprawling read, check out our previous Tmenu Blogs, plus the feature on Profit From Tea and the one on Why Tisanes are so good.

For your customers’ general well-being, for their mental health, and to support good businesses and artisan tea producers around the world, let’s drink some tea!

 The research and the charts used are a summary from the annual “State Of The Café Industry Report” for 2021 – For more information contact me at or Mobile 0423200206.