Café’s Profit In Specialty Tea Service

Many of you and many may not remember to simple pleasure of Mum, or you’re grand Mother serving afternoon tea at home what really was a wonderful childhood memory. Yes, I now know that for Chinese Café Owners Cha served at Home was very different and very traditional. However from my tea culture experiences are based on the early arrival of the English immigrants and European’s bringing their own style of loose leaf tea service and more recently many other overseas tea cultures and modern tea experiences. Now in these busy work and home lifestyle times many of us now find time out by frequenting Café’s
and tea houses for our time honoured tea traditions and to experience with friends and family our thirst for the modern tea culture.

Now post Covid19 in 2020 the hospitality industry can reset for the new NORMAL, a world in which Specialty Tea Menu’s will be added to many Café’s, Restaurant’s and other normally Coffee and cold drink venues. Those smart business owners are looking to Profit from Tea Service and a full beverage Menu to maximise both sales and profit this coming year 2021.

This new Normal in Hospitality has created a shift of time poor tea lover consumers now wishing and choosing Café for quality, high level specialty tea experiences and are both pleased to wait for the perfect brew and ready to pay a premium price for this tea service. The old café days of a Retail Supermarket Tea Bag in a take away pot or pot for $4.50 are mostly behind us as the Café Industry embraces the specialty loose Tea premium tea service for $6.00-$9.00 Range per tea pot.

Smart Café owners know that from the cherished first tea flush of spring to the mellow autumn harvest and the rarer winter pluck, you’re tea menu needs to thus follows the seasons and so too do our tastes; think cooling green or iced tea in summer and hearty black tea when the weather turns chilly. It's a concept that many specialty tea houses face seasonally and to make change is never an easy commercial decision, however this beverage menu reflects in the changing specialty café menu.

Please consider offering a seasonally curated list of teas and infusions which range from single origin tea’s to more familiar tea blends, herbals and house-blended fresh infusions. Not only does this correspond with different harvests, which highlights fresh picks, it also brings people back to try new items on the menu. Ask yourself if your specialty tea list aims to highlight the spectrum of the beverage while catering to diverse tastes, be they traditional China tea styles or more modern Tea Blends?

Major Tea Trends Expected 2021..

  • Increased loose Leaf tea consumption
  • Over 50% of all Café’s serve loose leaf tea service
  • Increased interest in leafy grade teas, the emergence of Specialty tea houses & Retailers
  • Consumers becoming more educated by all forms of Tea
  • Tea as a profession, Café’s with Barista / Tea Service specialists
  • Introduction of exotic teas, wild, rare, unique.
  • Focus on providence and healthy lifestyle choices

Where do I start my Tea Journey..?

Make your Tea venue more like a living room away from your key customer’s home. On any given night you're likely to encounter moviegoers from the nearby cinema discussing a recently viewed flick, a book group sipping as they review their latest tome, people from the nearby Restaurant relaxing after a good meal or a community group having a yarn over a tea cup.

The modern Tea Café, notably, does not serve coffee and takes its cue from European tea houses, which are a hub of late night social activity. "Having had numerous encounters with tea while travelling and living overseas, particularly in China and Europe, I saw there was a different culture around socialising and that culture could be encouraged with tea" says David. "I explored many amazing tea houses open late into the evening with inspiring ambience and diverse offerings and realised that these places—a refined and relaxed space to just be—were missing from many cities."
It's this sense of place that makes a pot of tea at your tea café more than an evening caffeine hit. "Seeing people interact with the space and enjoy the experience is, time and time again, incredibly rewarding".

Tea tips inspired by aasta

Change your tea menu: Want to encourage tea drinkers to visit your cafe? Go beyond the standard tea menu. You don't need a list the size of a novel, you can start by offering one different tea every month to retain interest.

Make it an event: Events give people a reason to visit your venue. We suggest you feature a suite of regular and one-off activities to bring people in, from weekly community groups, parent groups to offering special tea and food pairing sessions.

Join a community: "Find opportunities to connect with and share experiences of those involved in the tea industry by joining industry associations or introducing yourself to the owners of tea businesses. These people hold valuable information for you and are usually very happy to share.

Sell from the shelf: Don't forget you can use your cafe as a retail space as well. If people like your products, give them the option to try some at home or give it as a gift. Retail can be very profitable for its small footprint.

For those high volume CBD Cafes there is still much profit to be made by offering a better quality Tea Bag take away cup offer.

Perhaps the next step for us is not to focus on the type of specialty tea served in Café, let us now focus the way it is served. Just how to brew, steep and best serve specialty loose left tea to Café Beverage Menu’s and the best way effectively. Do I set up in Fancy Porcelain English Breakfast / High Tea ware style or do we use hard long life durable tea ware is the question you must choose for best fit use in your individual café setting.

Tea in many cases mirrors the “Specialty Coffee Consumer Trends” of high quality, single origin and carefully crafted “Bean Seed To Cup”. Equally Specialty Tea “Leaf to Cup” has a real place in Gourmet Cafes wishing to best serve their retail customers and potentially offers more sales and profits to merely COFFEE only outlets. Our Specialty Tea market is booming in those specialty eastern coast Cafes that have a Tea Culture presence and have mastered the “New Style” café tea service profits. I might take this opportunity to remind café owners of the VERY EXPENSIVE ESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINERY FITOUT COSTS Vs. that of the much lower expense of Specialty Tea service. Those Café owners offering such a mix are fully aware of the profits to be gained in providing high quality specialty teas on their menus as well as their specialty roasted Coffee’s.